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DELFIN Insulated Wine Glass – Authorized Sellers

DELFIN Supply LLC Authorized Seller Statement


DELFIN Supply LLC is firmly committed to manufacturing and providing our customers with best in class, reliable products through authorized sellers. Our policy is to honor product warranties on products purchased new from an authorized DELFIN seller and only accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase. If you purchase a DELFIN Supply product from an unauthorized seller your DELFIN Supply LLC warranty will not be valid.  (Click Here For Warranty Information)

If you return a DELFIN Insulated Wine Glass for replacement, and that item is verified as either counterfeit or a product not manufactured by DELFIN Supply LLC, you will be notified via e-mail or phone with instructions for retrieving your item. You will have a maximum of 3 business days to request that the item be shipped back to you at your cost. This cost will be a shipping and handling fee of $50. Shipments are sent via UPS only.

Unfortunately, there are some websites and dealers who claim to be authorized DELFIN Stainless Steel Wine Glass resellers but are not. Products sold on these websites or from these dealers do not carry a warranty from DELFIN Supply LLC. When you purchase products from an unauthorized website or dealer you are taking a risk, because these products may be counterfeit, used, defective, or may not be designed for use in your country. Please protect yourself and your DELFIN Supply product by ensuring that you only purchase DELFIN products from an Authorized DELFIN Seller.


Brand:  DELFIN

Sales Channel:  AMAZON

TERMS:  Only when “Sold by DELFIN” and “Fulfilled By Amazon”

 If you purchased a counterfeit product with a credit card, you may wish to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. DELFIN Supply LLC will provide you with an email or letter identifying your product as a counterfeit to assist you in this.  Contact us at [email protected].